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We would like to thank you for selecting Raja Bhandari Law Offices and Sakson Settlements as your attorneys and Settlement Company for your legal needs and valuable investments'.

Since 1990, we have been serving the legal needs of our communities and during that time we have had a special emphasis on Will & Trust, Estate Planning, Business Transactions, and Personal Injury cases, Immigration Law, Residential and Commercial Settlements. We provide attention to details that are not only critical; however, also important to each and every case. Accordingly, this experience and our team’s dedication to you make Raja Bhandari Law Offices and Sakson Settlements the right choice for all your legal and settlement needs.

Wills & Trust and Estate Planning

If you don't have a Will, fate of your savings is in the hands of government, not in the hands of your children.

Don’t wait another day! Schedule a FREE, no-obligation estate planning consultation today with one of our Attorneys. We help ensure that clients pass their money/assets to their beneficiaries efficiently and optimally according to the decedent’s wishes. If you do not have an estate plan, it is of the utmost importance that you put one in place before it is too late. If your current estate plan is out of date or was drafted in another state, it may require updating. In either case, you can rely on our experienced will , trust and estate planning team. Developing an effective estate plan can be very challenging, as each client has a unique set of assets and unique family, business, and financial concerns.

The estate lawyer's role is to help their client arrange his or her financial affairs so that upon the client's death, the client's assets are distributed exactly as he or she wishes and the tax consequences of distributing the property are minimized.

Our Attorneys interview clients concerning their wishes, conduct a thorough analysis of their clients' personal assets, and then provide recommendations. After reviewing the recommendations with the client, we drafts estate planning documents which may include one or more of the following:

• Complex and simple wills;
• Revocable living trusts;
• Durable financial and medical powers of attorney;
• Advance health care directives and living wills.

Our Goal: Meeting legal needs of seniors and elders of various ages, family situations, health, wealth and asset status, and their concerns. Short- and long-term collaboration with clients, colleagues, and other professionals; meeting and consulting with family members, health-care and personal care providers as necessary; formulate, determine, maximize all professional resources to draft, assign, review, and manage the preparation of documents as necessary and appropriate: Simple and complex wills, trusts, deeds and other related documents and agreements.

Business Transactions

We help business owners understand legal repercussions of actions and situations and how to respond appropriately in legal situations. We offer counsel to business owners during purchase/ sale of business, merger, acquisitions , settlements, legal proceedings and defend and represent them in the courtroom, when necessary.

We Draft the company handbook, employment policies and any other rules and practices to be followed by employees of the company.
We Prepared legal documents for the business, such as formation for the companies, operating and shareholder agreements, employment, sales/puchases business agreements, lease contracts and written agreements between the company and its clients.

We are also a Business, Commercial and Residentail Real Estate settlement Attorneys with over 25+ years of experience in representing clients throughout settlement and legal matters. We have the communication, confidentiality, sensitivity and inductive skill to combine information into cohesive in all arguments and cases.

Our Goal: We will always use the law to protect the best interests of you and your business. One day we will be your Business lawyers!!

Personal Injury and Auto Accident cases

We Represented clients in auto accidents, personal injury cases, slip & fall, motorcycle, wrongful death, medical malpractice, premises liability and insurance disputes.

Our attorneys are dedicated to providing victims with the knowledgeable, experienced representation they deserve in order to effectively fight for the compensation they need.

All case evaluations are free, and most representations are taken on a contingency fee basis, which means you pay us nothing unless we succeed in recovering an award on your behalf.

We are easily accessible to you throughout your legal battle. We are available to answer your questions even after your case has resolved, and believe the relationships we develop with our clients during their cases helps us achieve outstanding results.

Give us a call, and find out for yourself. You will immediately experience the difference that passionate representation makes.

Our Goal is for you to receive the compensation you deserve for your losses.

Commercail Real Estate

We have maintained close relationship with borrowers and assisted them through the loan process to obtain SBA, federally funded residential and/or commercial loans. Rendered legal opinions for the Lenders on behalf of the borrowers, whether borrowers have met legal requirements to satisfy loan closing requirements. Drafted legal checklists & reviewed of loan closing documents and requirements necessary for potential borrowers to obtain and provide the agency/lenders in order to secure residential and/or commercial loans.

We analyzed cases regarding commercial real properties and determined necessary actions to take. Prepared legal documents for commercial property transactions and prepared notes, mortgages and leases.

We oversaw contract preparation, negotiation, title clearance and closing document fabrication while managing escrow funds and deal tracking spreadsheets, created and reviewed pre and post closing statements and facilitated sale closings. We have successfully negotiated and closed commercial real estate transactions; gas stations, condominiums, shopping centers, hotels, motels, joint ventures and all other commercial buildings.

Our Goal: Our team’s dedication to you make Raja Bhandari Law Offices and Sakson Settlements the right choice for all your legal and settlement needs.

Immigration law

We have drafted appropriate documentation, motions, pleadings, letters and all supplementary forms for the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services, Department of Homeland Security and State;

We Regularly interacted with our clients to allocate resources and supporting documents for individual cases, address concerns and maintain positive client relations;

Your immigration attorney must be able to read beyond the cold facts of a case and understand the hopes and dreams of the persons involved. Your attorney needs to establish a bond with people from different cultures and life styles, in order to develop evidence necessary to win your case.

Whatever your immigration needs, selecting an immigration attorney is the single most important step you can take to increase the odds of becoming or staying a permanent resident or U.S. Citizen.

Our Goal: You can be assured a successful result will be achieved only through persistence, ingenuity, and compassion. Over the past 25 years, We have helped many immigrants achieve their goals and dreams.

This is not a legal advice. For legal opinion & advice consult an attorney of your choice.

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