The Settlement Statement summarizes the contract price, the loan amount, charges to purchaser and seller. The following items need your specific attention:


• Points
• Tax Service/Flood Certification Fee
• Escrow - Taxes and Fire Insurance
• Processing and Underwriter's fee
• Interest from settlement date to end of the month
• Mortgage Insurance, if any
• Loan Origination fee
• Document preparation fee


• Settlement/Attorney and Notary fees
• Title Insurance - Lender and Owner
• Release Fees
• Title Search Charges
• Recording and Transfer fee


• Sales Commission
• Hazard Insurance
• Termite Report
• Survey of Property
• Messenger and Delivery
• Others

Sakson Settlements

Settlement Company and Services

When you appoint a settlement company/agent, you’re choosing someone who will be in charge of one of your most important transactions (if not your most important transaction), ever.

Therefore, your settlement agent needs to be an agency you can trust.

Here are essential questions you should be asking your settlement agent before entrusting them with such an important transaction:


Without regular communication, agents may miss important details that will jeopardize your settlement.

The right settlement agent will regularly contact you, your real estate agent, all other involved parties, and the settlement agent, if any, acting for the other parties instead of making assumptions.

Quality vs Quantity

Every property transaction is unique, so don’t choose a settlement agency/agent that will treat you as a number. The property involved, the terms of the contract, and your personal situation are always going to be slightly different from the next person. You need a settlement agency/agent who asks you the right questions about your unique situation.

Even the best agents make mistakes when they’re dealing with too many files. That’s why the agents at Sakson Settlements never take on more than they can handle – we’re all about quality, not quantity. For a better working knowledge of the ins and outs of the settlement process, use a licensed, bonded, and experienced settlement agent. Sakson Settlements and our agents are licensed, experienced, bonded and serving since 1989 in residential and commercial settlements. At Sakson Settlements, we know residential and commercial settlements.


When it comes to the most important transaction you’ll ever make, there are many more considerations than just money. But naturally, fees remain a big consideration for many buyers and sellers.
Sakson Settlements not only provide the best service to ensure value for money – we also make fees uncomplicated.

At Sakson Settlements we provide our clients with many options as to the time and place of their settlement, all at no additional cost. We offer a “Settlement Fee for Life”, where the client only pays their initial settlement fee for a particular property, and we will waive each subsequent settlement fee thereafter, with exception to other nominal charges. Meaning once you have settled with us on a particular property, if you decide to refinance or sell your property we will waive the settlement fee for being our loyal customers, except other charges.

Not only do we provide “Settlement Fee For Life,” but we also proudly stand behind the fact that we offer the most competitive fees in the settlement business. In fact, we will match the settlement costs of any settlement company.

Sakson Settlements

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